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Frequently asked questions

How frequently should a vehicle be washed?

There is no straight answer for this question. It all depends on your usability of the car and how much your vehicle is subjected to the exterior elements. Acid rain, dust, tar, humidity all play a big role in affecting the exterior paint. However, as an average, you should have a your car washed every 7 to 10 days to maintain the quality of your exterior paint and trims. Not washing your car on time will result into dull and damaged paint much sooner than you expect.

Does a clean car increase its market value?

Definitely yes, and by a lot. What most people are unaware of is that a clean vehicle will get customer's attraction. Most used cars dealers use this little trick to make their profit. They purchase neglected cars that no one would buy in normal circumstances, then they would proceed in giving them a full detail with buffing, engine bay detail & headlights restoration. The results will look absolutey amazing. Always clean your car before selling it. If your car is in a really bad condition, contact Hot Ride Mobile Car Detailing Sydney for a pre-sale detailing package.

Can I wash a brand new automobile?

Of course. Brand new cars look more amazing when they are clean. Now you might think that washing will scratch the new paint, well if this was going to happen, it will happen to new cars and used cars at the same rate. The trick here is knowing how to wash your car. Hot Ride has a separate section dedicated for tips on how to wash your car to minimize the risk of scratches and swirl marks.

Does washing your ride at home make your paintwork dull?

To answer this question, you need to understand what makes the paint look dull in the first place. Your vehicle will start losing its shine when a lot of scratches abd swirl marks are formed on the paint one way or another. The high number of scratches will divert the light in different angles making the paint loose its shine. Imagine a mirror with a lot of scratches on, will you be able to see your reflection clearly? It is the same concept with paintwork, only the scratches might be very tiny and invisible, however, the results are catastrophic. So should you wash your car at home? Yes if you know how, otherwise, let only trusted professionals wash it. See our Useful Tips for Car Washing section for more information.

Can I use any type of soap to clean my car?

Certainly not. Several types of cleaners can be very hard on the paint because of their chemical structure. If you do not have a specifically designed car wash soap, we advise you to use body wash shampoo as its chemical characteristics is the closest to car washing soap. Never use dish washing liquid or dish washing machine detergents as they are specifically designed to remove hard greasy stains from kitchen items and might cause the paint to become dry an dull if used repeatedly.

When should I remove bugs and tar from my vehicle?

Immediately after you notice them. Bugs and tar can become very difficult to remove if they dry on the vehicle's exterior. Many of the paint damage and small paint chips at the front bumper of some cars are causes by neglected bugs. If the bugs get too dry, they will get stuck and bond with the paint, and when you attempt to take them out, they chip a small piece of the paint with them. Then you will start noticing your front bumper full of small white dots due to this problem. The best solution is to treat them with strong chemicals, hot water, and clay bar if needed as soon as you notice them.